Puan Farah and Tuan Adip

Husband and wife joined our zoom once and always wanted to know more about property investment.
“I believe in you Kenneth. If this one is successful then I want to invest in the second one. I love houses

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Encik Hamizan

Encik Hamizan first struggled to pick the differences between investment and own stay property. But with the clear and on point strategy analysis, then he realized property can help him to reduce his commitment. He decided to proceed further with us and only us!

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Mr Teck Yuen

Mr Teck Yuen, a 25 years old first home investor, used to have a full time job and part time as a grab driver. After he realized that property can help him to replace his part time job, he decided to invest without any hesitation.

Wan Haikal Malik

Customer came to showroom to see what is their future investment will be, Our consultant Eunice strive to provide profession service for them.

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Encik Fauzan

Encik Fauzan ,28 years old . First time to come with wallstreet and get the most value on this meeting. Before that he never got any experience about property investment ,Now is woke up, it is time to pump out your assets, keep in on ! Thank you for your choice and trusting,My pleasure as a handler


Encik Rudi

Encik Rudi ,Nice to meet you and thank you for trusting my solution and do it. Now you are done settling your Financial problem , but you never give up , need to get more and more, whatever about our business model, investment planning and Loan Consultation , come again with Andrew and get the solution again. Finally , you get a new one property and successfully unlock your passive income in your future.


Encik Mukrim

At first Encik Mukrim didn’t believe there was a way to invest without cost. He got nervous during decision making. But then we let our previous investor talk to him and he finally believed in it. Our consultants Sin Yee and Kenneth, drove a long way for 4 hours to get to Kedah, Encik Mukrim was glad because of his final decision. Plan to invest more and never stop!

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Steven & Ms Wong

来自文莱的client Steven & Ms Wong 本身在文莱生活已经很多年了,一直都有想过投资马拉西亚的房地产,但是都遇到贷款方面的问题,加上疫情的关系都不能回来马来西亚看房子迟迟都没办法进行。我们以通过Zoom 的模式让客人找到他们想要的投资方案以及帮助到他们成功申请贷款。客人很满意也说一直会和我们开启他们的房产投资旅程!

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顾客是在新加坡工作 ,找了很久都还没找到适合自己的A级投资房产, 之前也是因为疫情的关系, 本身贷款方面上也是遇到一些阻碍 , 可是经过了我们的帮助情况下, 帮助了顾客争取到90%贷款和最低的利息, 顾客也特地从新加坡 回来和妈妈陪同下 进行SPA/LA/LO Signing , 非常感恩 顾客的信任和对我们服务的认可。